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Best MuOnline Season 3 classic server! - x500 with dynamic exp. - New features, balanced PVP and lot more!


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  After some players suggestions -  MULTUPLE WEARHOUSES

  Command for using: /ware 0/1/2/3

  Regular accounts: 2 wearhouses,

  VIP accounts (3-4 wearhouses)

  Enjoy and use your wearhouses.

If you have VIP expiring soon, please move your items from your VIP wearhouses (3-4) to regular, because after VIP expire y

Adding more value to GM BOX and from now on, GM box will drop 2 items, instead of 1!

Where can get GM box? GM Events, drop events, Chaos castle and in PC Point shop.

Have fun and enjoy the game. Don't forget to join our discord channel. https://discord.gg/nqtTTsW


- Update about GM Box:

     Removed from drop: Lord Scepter  Dragon Spear  Staff of Destruction  Dragon Soul Staff  Set Dark Soul  Set Dark Master   

     Added: Excellent Bow Sylph Wind, Excellent Solay Scepter,  Excellent Bone Blade & Klight blade,  Excellent Grand Viper Staff,  Set Dragon Knight,  Set Venom Mist,  Set