Ex-Mu Classic

Best MuOnline Season 3 classic server! - x500 with dynamic exp. - New features, balanced PVP and lot more!


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First of all, thank you all for comming and playing Ex-Mu Classic Season 3 Episode 1 server!

We're building this this server to be best MuOnline Season 3 classic server out there.

Information about server is available on - "Information" page.

Our discord is open and ready for you : https://discord.gg/nqtTTsW


Server Version:    Season 3 Episode 1

Experience:    500x [Dynamic]

Drop:    80%

Max stats:    65000

Reset Limit:    100

Zen per Reset:    20000

To buy VIP package type /buyvip [package code]. (gold, platinum, expremium)

Gold: 100 PCpoint | Platinum: 200 PCpoint | Ex-Premium: 400 PCpoint

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