Ex-Mu Classic

Best MuOnline Season 3 classic server! - x500 with dynamic exp. - New features, balanced PVP and lot more!


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First update on server configs and website, keep on playing and lets make this best Season 3 Episode 1 server out there!

Ex-Mu Classic updates: 


Enabled /marry function. (/marry, /accept, /divorce, /trackmarry

Added Buff Helpers (SM, BK, Elf) in Arena beginning (safe zone)

Added /attack skill for Elf (Multishot and Triple shot)

Added more info about VIP packages on website. (https://ex-mu.com/vip)

Loch's feather and Crest of monarch drops in Icarus MAP. 

Condor of Flame drops in Kanturu MAP. 

Enabled /store and /offstore function. (Sell your items for jewels or PCpoints.) Example: [/store soul]

Added 4 new spots in arena! [39 25], [58 25], [83 11] and [89 54]

Added new 2 spots in arena [83 93] and [99 115] - when enter arena, go down, and there they are!

Premium VIP Map [-Exile-] - with 8 new spots!

Remade Party EXP system


Website Template is custum re-made by Ex-Mu, to make it more 'Wintery' and original. Hope you like it guys.