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Best MuOnline Season 3 classic server! - x500 with dynamic exp. - New features, balanced PVP and lot more!


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First of New Years events is here!

 - Find 3 chars in Devias who are selling some nice items! (1 store for PCP, 1 store for souls and 1 store for guardians)

 - Items are limited, as you will see, so hurry up! Who is first, that one gets the possibility to buy.

 - Event till stores are empty

Next event will be GM mad

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from Ex-Mu Team to everybody!

We're thankful to you, for playing Ex-Mu Classic and helping us make this server 
best Season 3 Episode 1 MuOnline server out there!

Ex-Team have prepared some events for you!

First Christmas event is SANTA TRADER!

Located in Atlants - [13 17] (M

First update on server configs and website, keep on playing and lets make this best Season 3 Episode 1 server out there!

Ex-Mu Classic updates: 


Enabled /marry function. (/marry, /accept, /divorce, /trackmarry

Added Buff Helpers (SM, BK, Elf) in Arena beginning (safe zone)

Added /attack skill for Elf (Multisho