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Best MuOnline Season 3 classic server! - x500 with dynamic exp. - New features, balanced PVP and lot more!


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Good News for beginner players!

Box of Kundun +1 are dropping from ANY monster between 1-200 level.  

So, it's easier for new players to get starting gear.

Enjoy and Good luck. Box of kundun

PCPoint shop (in game) update!

* Green mistery box (24pcp) - drops - Box of kundum +4 / +5

* Pink mistery box (36pcp) - drops - Box of kundum +5 / Loch's feather  / Crystal (Flame of condor)

* Purple mistery box (48pcp) - drops - Fairy Wings / Wings of Angel / Wings of Satan

Hey guys, as we are growing bigger every day, we want to increase our Ex-Mu Team!

What we're looking for? We are looking for Game Master!

  • - MuOnline enthusiast with love to this game
  • - Experience in Season 3
  • - Good English
  • - Active member
  • - Positive and respectful

If you think you could join our team, p